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new community

Hey Kids, it's Renee. Owner of: mind-trip.net and maintainer here at sitecore. Feel free to post of new layouts or if you're looking for a host/hostee. Anything related to webdesign is welcome and I will be more than glad to help anyone of you if you need something.

BTW mind-trip.net is looking for hostees and has a hot new layout up. ;) Leave muchos love.
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Uhh... could you please remove the -moz-opacity attribute from the community's style sheet? It makes the page really hard to read for those of us using Mozilla and Netscape, thanks to the fact that nested tables further decrease the opacity...
Even more curious-- it actually shows up lighter in Netscape 7.1 (and Mozilla 1.4) than it does in more recent versions.

Browsers are such fickle things, aren't they?
Tell me if that was of any help.
Ah, yes, much better. Now I don't have to squint to read everything. Thanks. :)
you mind if i join the community im new to this whole thing but one thing i fo show my webdesign skillz and my skillz in flashmx 2004