precurser (precurser) wrote in sitecore,


my name is george (precurser). i have been creating digital art/websites for about 6 years.

dont let the logo fool you, my style is very abstract. i like to combine organic elements like insects and portraits (all which i photograph myself) into my art.

my site requires that you register (FREE of course) to view all of the gallery and download all my work in wallpaper sizes to display on your desktop.

more artwork/photographs can be viewed at my DeviantArt gallery here

and you can purchase prints (if you feel so inclined) here
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Nice, did you write your own CMS?
the backend was written by a friend of mine. the rest was all done by me. =)
Just had time to check out your da gallery (56k for now), looks like some good stuff going on there so I put you on deviantwatch (frostfactor).