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i god


Bonjour? Is that right? heh

Hi. I found this com. while journal surfing. Looks great. I love it already. I'm definlty into webdesign and feel like I"ve been around for a while, so if anyone needs any help email me or IM (white0wizard) and I'll give it a shot. Plus, its always fun to talk to people with the same interests. (Yeah, I'm definilty considered a geek at school!)

Enough with the stupid intro. Question:

I just formatted my computer because of a ton of idiot spyware/addware/etc. that my brother downloaded. I'm not sure if any of you have ever done that, but it sucks. Especially now that I lost all of my programs. Anyway

FTP clients? Can anyone out there recommed a good one for me? I've used ws_ftp before but found that the CHMOD doensn't work well (at least for me.) Lately I've just been using differnt WebFTP systems online because I haven't had the time to go research and find out whats the best to download. So...any better FTP programs I should be aware about?

Thanks, and Merry Christmas.
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