joyful girl (heavensoverated) wrote in sitecore,
joyful girl

Well hello all! I be new. And thought hey, I should introduce myself. My name is Faith....well, that's my online name anyhow. But bleh my birth name, everybody has it---but on an interesting note, my middle name is Renee, and I noticed that's the name of the maintainer of this community, small word! I'm 16, I live in Washington State, and rather than a washingtonian, I would prefer to be called a Cobanian (as kurt cobain is from seattle lol, I thought it was clever)
So, I found this community in the "self_promotion" community (or something like that) and thought that since I'm in like 50 communities, I should be in at least one about making websites, since I do that.
However, at the moment, I must admit, my layouts are not the best----but I don't even really have my normal graphics program on my computer (moving, new computer, things messed up) yet, so the world must forgive me, but on any account, my site is and I also have for anyone interested in ska, punk, indie music type stuff. Or activism. Yes.
Anyhow, I am also hosting art sites at the moment, if anyone is interested.
AND! on another note, if anyone has info on this and could enlighten me, I would love you for it! I want to keep my domain name. But my year that is paid for is running out in september, and I want to switch hosting companies (and still keep my URL!) is this hard to do?
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